My Reiki House is Your Reiki House. It is a place of Peace, Healing and Learning with Love, Compassion and Kindness. My Reiki House is a sacred space for you, where you can feel supported and nurtured while undergoing a process of healing and transformation. These workshops and services help cultivate and add to your existing spiritual practice which is moving us closer to our common destination of peace within, happiness throughout and good health of the mind, body and soul!

You don’t have to identify with being a spiritual person to work with Natural Healing Systems such as Reiki, journeying or working with your dreams. These things (as well as our spirituality!) are innate to our being and working with Natural Healing Systems comes quite naturally if you allow yourself to get out of your head where thoughts roam free and into your heart where your true mind resides. Being kind and compassionate is something we can all do and that in itself is a spiritual practice – see! It’s natural!

Natural Healing Systems heal from the inside out. When we heal ourselves it creates an impactive ripple effect that pervades our surroundings and in turn the planet. If you wish to explore your spiritual consciousness for profound self healing through Natural Healing Systems, come over to My Reiki House where healing starts within.